An effort to create perception for the TV series Sadakatsiz and Bir Zamanlar Çukurova!
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1 February 2023 12:46


An effort to create perception for the TV series Sadakatsiz and Bir Zamanlar Çukurova!

The fact that Turkish series reach a large audience in Spain causes channels to bring new productions to the screen. TV series such as Woman, Sen Çal Kapımı, Rooftop Aşk have attracted great attention in Spain recently.

The way Turkish TV series are presented to Spanish audiences is also very interesting. There is a strange approach to the image of Turkey, which is described as an Ottoman country. Spanish newspapers prefer to interpret all Turkish TV series as TV series of the Ottoman country after historical TV series.

The person who brought this issue to the agenda was Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet Cadde. The fact that the women’s TV series is the most watched TV series both in Spain and on open channels led to the spread of Turkish TV series in the country.

The newspaper El Pais announced this situation with the headline “The Turkish TV series empire is spreading in Spain”. However, the newspaper’s expression “Ottoman TV series” created surprise. In the news of El Mundo newspaper for Sadakatsiz and Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, the expression “Ottoman country” does not escape attention…

A perception effort to describe the Republic of Turkey, which is approaching its 100th year in Spain, as an Ottoman country, drew attention.

Bir Zamanlar Çukurova is on the screen in this country on open channels and as a daily series. Adapted from the BBC’s production of Doctor Foster, Sadakatsiz also meets the audience on the open channel.

Sina Koloğlu commented on the efforts of Spanish newspapers to create perception as follows: “Ottoman and conquest seem to reveal a subconscious mind through serials. His status is disputed by historians, of course.”

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