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7 July 2022 08:31


An important confession from Birce Akalay, whose Son Yaz adventure was short!

After the Babil series, in which she starred with the famous actress Birce Akalay, Halit Ergenç, Onur Saylak and Aslı Enver, made the finale, she joined the new season episodes of the Son Yaz series as the ‘Sare’ character.

Birce Akalay’s Son Yaz adventure did not last long. The series, which could not get the expected ratings in its second season, said goodbye to its audience with the episode aired last Saturday.

Birce Akalay, who was a guest of Hakan Gence’s “Tight Conversation Program with Hakan Gence” broadcast on Hürriyet Youtube channel, sincerely answered questions about her life and career. The actress said, “My life could have been a Pedro Almodóvar movie. Because I am happy when I share life with my loved ones and friends.”

Saying that he loves to live in the moment, Akalay also said that she cried a lot when she got angry and that she could not stand the despair. When it comes to her private life, “Every relationship I’ve had has always completed me. I have not experienced anything that did not complete me” and shared her expectations about the relationship with the actress, saying: “Gentlemanship is one of my favorite things in life. Romance comes with it. Passion is also essential.”

Birce Akalay, who said that they managed to stay friends with her ex-wife Sarp Levendoğlu, said, “We are a whole with our mistakes and flaws, I prefer to understand people instead of judging them.”

You can watch the entire Hakan Gence ile Sıkı Muhabbet Program, with Birce Akalay as a guest below;

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