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19 May 2022 18:44


An unforgettable scene for İpek Karapınar in the Destan series for her profession!

İpek Karapınar is one of the influential names in the series Destan (Epic), which is broadcast on the ATV screen on Tuesday evenings. The actress, who was born in Istanbul in 1984, returned to the sets with Destan after a long time. The actress, who was remembered with the character of Feride in the series Kırgın Çiçekler, is now playing the character of Çolpan Hatun in the series Destan.

In addition to the strong story of the series, some details in the scenario also attract the attention of the audience. One of the special moments in İpek Karapınar’s career was experienced in the TV series Destan. The scene with Şahin, who was put on the actor’s arm, was a very different and exciting experience. İpek Karapınar, who spoke to the program called Dizi TV, told about her experiences in this scene.

The famous actress found the scene very interesting when she read the script and experienced different emotions when she went to the set and when she met a real Şahin. The actress said, “A note comes to Şahin and Çolpan. I found it very pleasant when I read it. When I came to the set, I met a real Şahin. This was actually a shock to me. Because that Hawk would land on my arm and I would get that note from his foot. It came true, it was a great feeling, it was very nice,” she said.

Stating that this scene created a very strong feeling for her, İpek Karapınar stated that Hawk, who ate raw meat on her arm, was wild and a little scared.

Trying to tolerate these feelings while portraying the character of Çolpan, the actress said, “But it was very exciting for me.”

In this way, İpek Karapınar experienced perhaps one of the most special moments of her acting career in the series Destan, and that scene won the admiration of the fans of the series.

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