Annoying development for Mahkum, the best debuting series of the season! Don't wait in vain!
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29 March 2023 15:27


Annoying development for Mahkum, the best debuting series of the season! Don’t wait in vain!

Mahkum series managed to become one of the most remarkable productions of the season. Although the series broadcast on Fox TV started to come to the screen in the middle of the season, it followed a process that surprised everyone by surpassing the Camdaki Kız series on Thursday evenings!

While the story of the series is highly appreciated, especially İsmail Hacıoğlu’s acting is on the agenda with a success that sometimes surpasses the series and other actors. Another interesting detail of the Mahkum series is that Hacıoğlu gives life to two different characters in the series.

Fox TV’s hit series had already managed to catch the audience quickly, with the first two episodes broadcasting in the same week. The series, which aired two consecutive episodes on Tuesday and Thursday, continued to be broadcast on Thursdays for the next two weeks.

Despite the release of 4 more episodes, it achieved a great success in the ratings and sent the Camdaki Kız, which started at the end of last season and attracted great attention, to the lower ranks.

The Mahkum series is highly appreciated with its story. New episodes are eagerly awaited! It was already known that many TV series would take the Christmas break. However, the broadcast times of some series were extended for different reasons.

Those who were waiting for the new episode of Mahkum, one of the series that took a break from the season, on Thursday, January 06 this week, were disappointed. However, the series was not broadcast this week. Don’t wait for the next episode of Mahkum next week for nothing! Because it will not be on the air on the evening of January 13th!

While the fifth episode of the series, starring Onur Tuna, İsmail Hacıoğlu, Melike İpek Yalova, Hayal Köseoğlu and Seray Kaya, was eagerly awaited, this long break was annoying for the followers of the series!

However, in the first month of January, the shooting of the TV series is suspended due to the preparation of advertising budgets. For this reason, there will be a long wait for the Mahkum series! If the 5th episode does not go wrong, it is expected to be broadcast on Thursday, January 20th.

Here are the first images from the fifth episode of the Mahkum series:

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