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4 July 2022 05:17


Another bad surprise to Mehdi is coming in the My Home My Destiny!

One of the popular TV series of tv8 screens, My Home My Destiny, attracting the audience like a magnet to the screen with its exciting episodes in recent weeks. The story of the series, strengthened with the participation of Engin Öztürk in the duo of Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol, also emerges as a life lesson.

Beloved in his neighborhood, respected for the thought of having a decent personality, Mehdi turned out to be a figure of violence against women … He also committed this violence against his wife Zeynep, whom he loved and married very much. In addition, he did all this without thinking about what he felt. He thought love was one-sided. He believed that he loved him the most and that this love could overcome any mistakes. These scenes were a lesson to many people.

The 26th episode of My Home My Destiny will be broadcast on Wednesday, December 30th. The second trailer of the new episode has been released and another slap is coming to Mehdi. Benal, whose eyes opened up after what Mehdi had done to Zeynep, took her child in his arms. But a slap for the Mehdi also comes from him. Mehdi agrees to marry Benal, but Benal’s response hits his face like a slap: “But i don’t want …”

Although Mehdi accepts the wedding, Benal says she does not. The viewers, who love this attitude of Benal, want her to draw the line to the Mehdi by saying “Come on, Benal we want to see you strong, too.”

Barış and Zeynep seem to set sail for a great love, but the problems do not end. Zeynep’s father is making a scene. Barış’s brother Savaş wants his brother to stay friends with Zeynep and not to be lovers.

My Home My Destiny is again coming with heartbreaking scenes and a new interesting episode. Here is the second trailer of the 26th episode, which will be released on Wednesday, December 30:

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