Series News Arak series started with a big question mark and low ratings!

Arak series started with a big question mark and low ratings!


The first episode of the Arak series, starring İlker Kaleli and Öykü Karayel, met with the audience on Thursday evening. In addition to the series presenting an impressive story, those who were eagerly waiting for the two leading actors were very impressed.

Arak series surprised by starting its Thursday competition with slightly lower ratings after a strong promotional strategy. The series is expected to achieve better results in the ratings in the coming weeks.

The ratings, which were well below average in all audience groups, can be described as a disappointment, even though it was the first episode. However, it will not surprise anyone if the situation reverses in the coming weeks.

It was an unexpected shock that the series placed 15th in the all-person category, finished 12th in the AB group and ranked 11th on ABC1.

It seems that there will be a difficult period for the Arak series on Thursday evenings, where important TV series such as Aldatmak, Sakla Beni, Hudutsuz Sevda are in competition.

Of course, this situation brings to mind questions such as “Whether the Arak series will be able to stand strong in the harsh rating competition?”