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5 July 2022 21:12


Are singer Sıla, who has been in love for a long time, and actor İlker Kaleli getting married?

Sıla, one of the successful names of pop music, and the famous actor İlker Kaleli have been living a love that will be written in books for a long time. While the duo share their happy moments on social media with peace of mind, they do not neglect to make romantic statements about each other.

Staying away from the media with the pandemic period, Sıla said in an interview, “I’ve calmed down a little more. I was angular and harder, a little softer. It was good for me to face the facts. I spent this period a little more productive” she used the expressions.

Saying “Life has put a powerful kiss on my face” for her lover İlker Kaleli, Sıla used the phrase “I have experienced happiness that no one else has been able to give in my life, but now let’s say I am happy like this”.

Recently, it has been claimed that Sıla will marry İlker Kaleli, and it was even said that they carried out the wedding preparations in secret. Sıla could no longer remain indifferent to the questions on this subject and put the point for now by saying “There is no such thing”.

Upon Sıla’s statement, comments were made that she wanted to take firm steps forward even though she was in love with her ex-girlfriend Ahmet Kural, and therefore she took it slowly.

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