Are you aware, a star candidate shines in the Kefaret series!
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29 March 2023 18:45


Are you aware, a star candidate shines in the Kefaret series!

Selcen Ezgi Dinçer, the Fulya of the Kefaret TV series, is amazing, keep it up! The Kefaret series, which continues to be broadcast on Fox TV on Thursday evenings, lost some of its viewers as the days changed. The last episode of the series was also talked about with its falling ratings due to this change.

There are remarkable characters in the series of Atonement. One of these characters is Fulya. Acted by Selcen Ezgi Dinçer, Fulya is a very colorful character and a young actress successfully portrays it. The audience first watched Selcen Ezgi Dinçer, who studied theater at Anadolu University, in the TV series called Don’t Let Me Go.

Acting the character of Sevda in Don’t Let Me Go, the actress continues to increase her experience with theater acts. The Kefaret series was a turning point for Dinçer in her career. Now she was out of sight, and the lights were turned on her.

Adding color to the Kefaret series with the character of Fulya, the actress impresses with her performance. It is also obvious that the character of Fulya, who has the consistency of a super sleuth, is very good for the actress and will contribute greatly to her career journey.

Anibal Güleroğlu, one of the Milliyet Blog writers, used expressions praising Selcen Ezgi Dinçer in her review. It is remarkable that the actress adapts very well to the role and shines like a star candidate in the Atonement series.

Here is that part of the article by Anibal Güleroğlu:

“Fulya, who turned ‘Kefaret’ into a superhero-sleep-to-the-knowledge consistency with Selcen Ezgi Dinçer’s performance… Who doesn’t hesitate to end her relationship with Emre Commissioner to advance in her career… When Sinan goes missing, she illegally accessed secret files to find her place, and when her wedding was postponed because Zeynep was kidnapped who turned into a superhero and saved Kadir’s money and Zeynep by destroying the mafia…

When she is tired of being a housewife, they add a perfect color to the series with Deniz, the wingman of Fulya, who has evolved into a sleuth who takes care of the troubles of women who have been beaten by street vagrants to get adrenaline in their spare time. If you ask if Fulya, who can be a good couple with Sinan in terms of character, will her husband leave the house, I don’t think so. Just keep going.”

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