Series News Arka Sokaklar is at the top of the ratings! Aziz is good but Yalnız Kurt shocked, Kaderimin Oyunu gave bad signal!

Arka Sokaklar is at the top of the ratings! Aziz is good but Yalnız Kurt shocked, Kaderimin Oyunu gave bad signal!

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Kırmızı Oda, one of the 7 TV series on Friday night, appeared before the audience with its final episode. The tv8 series has now been withdrawn from this race. The final episode ratings of the series, whose 61st episode was broadcast and starring Binnur Kaya, were close to the average. This situation may also resurface the discussions that tv8 ended the series early.

Arka Sokaklar, which was broadcast on Kanal D and continued for the 16th season, made a show again. This episode of the series, which is broadcast every Friday evening, won the first place in the category of all people. For Arka Sokaklar, which did not lose the summit to anyone as in the past weeks, this was proof that it still draws great attention…

The Aziz series, on the other hand, stands firmly on the Show TV screen. The series, which came in second in the AB and ABC1 categories, finished the day in the third place in the all people category. It is necessary to congratulate the success of Murat Yıldırım, Simay Barlas and Damla Sönmez.

ATV’s Yalnız Kurt series, on the other hand, got a surprising result… Since the fourth episode was published and it was signed by Osman Sınav, the ratings of the series, which the fans of the series had great expectations, dropped. This decline was reflected in all audience groups…

Finishing the day in third place in AB and ABC1, the series achieved fifth place in all people. With these results, it has been understood that the Yalnız Kurt series is no longer making the claim to the summit. The story of Yalnız Kurt, in which the duo of Hasan Denizyaran and Damla Colbay performed well alongside a master like Cihan Ünal, tells about the parallel state structure. The serious decrease in the ratings of the series in the fourth episode was a negative sign.

While the Kaderimin Oyunu series continued to be broadcast on Star TV, the ratings, which were above the average in the category of all people, fell below the average in EU and ABC1. This was also noted as a bad signal.

On the other hand, Aşk Mantık İntikam continues to attract its audience to the Fox TV screen as it progresses to the final step by step. Supported by its loyal audience, the series has stopped falling, but a serious rise is not seen. Only ABC1 group had a good debut…

The TRT1 TV series called Aşkın Yolculuğu Hacı Bayram-ı Veli was on the screen with its second episode, but the ratings were still very low. Burak Sevinç plays the leading role in this series. The shooting of the series, which consisted of 26 episodes, took 7 months and an attempt was made to present the fourteenth century environment on the plateau created in Istanbul.