Series News Arka Sokaklar is both good and bad in the ratings!

Arka Sokaklar is both good and bad in the ratings!

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Arka Sokaklar continues to meet with the audience on the Kanal D screen. The fact that the series, which has 599 episodes, is the longest-lasting project in the industry, is due to its high connection with action and real life.

The 599th episode of the series, in which important names such as Zafer Ergin, Şevket Çoruh, Özgür Ozan, Ozan Çobanoğlu, Oya Okar, took part in the cast, took the top spot in the category of all people… It is a great success that the series, which continues its 16th season, is the most watched series in the Friday competition, as in previous years.

Arka Sokaklar received above-average ratings in the ABC1 category, as in all other people. We see that the series, which won the fourth place in this category with its last episode, is on a decline in the EU.

Unfortunately, Kanal D TV series has a big problem in the EU group, which includes viewers who are described as having a good socio-economic level. Arka Sokaklar, which finished the day in 10th place with ratings that fell far below the average, is not able to attract the audience in this category.

The 600th new episode of the series will air on Friday, October 22. The trailer was shared and there are action-packed scenes again.

What is the sad news that Mesut brought to Rıza Baba’s house in the 600th episode?

Hüsnü calls Mesut and gives bitter news. He talks about not being able to do anything. It falls to Mesut to give this sad news to Rıza Baba and his wife Ayla. Rıza Baba and Ayla are shocked when they receive the news. What is this sad news? Who is the person in the news that deeply affected Rıza Baba and his wife Ayla?