As the story of the Kara Tahta series unfolds, the audience's appreciation grows even more!
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9 February 2023 08:59


As the story of the Kara Tahta series unfolds, the audience’s appreciation grows even more!

The fact that the ratings of the first two episodes of the TRT1 series called Kara Tahta (Blackboard) were below expectations, demoralized them. However, the series’ fan base has started to form, and this loyal audience thinks it’s getting better as the story unfolds.

The third new episode of the series, starring Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç, will be broadcast on Wednesday, April 13. The comments made on social media before the new episode show that there are positive developments for the series. In the story in which the character of Atlas stands out, Furkan Andıç’s acting skills enchant his fans. Although the character of Irmak may seem a little dull, many TV series fans know well that Miray Daner will recover the situation.

The fact that the love story in the Kara Tahta series had a strong story was also one of the reasons why the audience was hooked on the story. Fans of the series, who stated that they wanted Atlas to improve his relationship with his father, also shared comments stating that they were very upset about the situation of Arif. In the character of Arif, Cengiz Bozkurt had the opportunity to demonstrate his mastery once again.

The mother of the Irmak character has already begun to anger the audience. The audience, who reacted to Münevver, who did not want Atlas and Irmak to get closer, commented, “Many women’s lives are getting darker because of such mothers.”

Kara Tahta series fans, who react to a mother’s attempt to give her daughter to a person she does not love, do not approve of what the character of Münevver does. The viewers of the series, who stated that TRT did what suits its and brought a story full of messages to the screen instead of a soggy love story, share comments stating that they are eagerly waiting for the new episodes.

Many Kara Tahta fans, who commented, “It’s an extremely good drama, and I hope it doesn’t make it to the finale because of the ratings,” have the idea that the show got underrated ratings.

Here is the second trailer from the third episode of the Kara Tahta series, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, April 13:

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