Artists News Asena Girişken, the Yeşim of Aldatmak series, can endure everything, but never anything!

Asena Girişken, the Yeşim of Aldatmak series, can endure everything, but never anything!


Born in Antakya in 1992, Asena Girişken is one of the names that has been on the sets of movies and TV series since 2015. In her acting adventure, the actress attracted attention with the character of Peri in the TV series Üç Kuruş, and then she attracted great attention with the character of Yeşim in the ATV series called Aldatmak (Deception).

Asena Girişken, who is on the same set with experienced names such as Vahide Perçin, Mustafa Uğurlu and Ercan Kesal, is one of the key figures in the series “Aldatmak” with the character of Yeşim, which the audience is angry with. Explaining that the shooting of the series was intense but she enjoyed it immensely, the actress said, “Both the set and the training are a bit tiring because I do two jobs.”

Explaining how he found time for her private life and teaching after the set of the TV series “Aldatmak”, she sometimes does not know herself, and evaluates all the time left over from the set.

Asena Girişken continues her life with a busy working environment, who says, “Sometimes I rebel, but it’s good and enjoyable.”

Explaining that she had a childhood growing up with love in a large family, Asena Girişken turned to acting when she met theater while she was on her way to becoming a musician.

Explaining that she was directed to music by her teachers because she has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar, the actress mentioned that she also played the piano for a while. What changed Asena Girişken’s life was her start in theater.

Asena Girişken, the Yeşim of Aldatmak series, can endure everything, but never anything! 7

The actress said, “I met theater in middle school. It’s a very interesting feeling, it’s a very strange feeling to be on stage, and after I said, I was preparing something with my cousin and doing sketches for the family. Then I adapted to it with amazement and I liked it very much, and then I couldn’t put it down.”

Indicating that she won the law department at the university but she never wanted to study here, Girişken said that his family did not want the acting profession at first, but then they were convinced.

Speaking on the youtube channel of Sabah newspaper, the actress said, “My family, I believe I will be happy with this for the rest of my life,” and then they fully supported me and stood behind me.”

Asena Girişken, whose life changed in an instant after coming to Istanbul from Antakya, explained that she went to acting courses and gained important experience with the theater play called Arzu Tramvayı.

Explaining that she had a very exciting process on the theater stage, the actress said that although she was lucky, she worked hard and what she achieved was thanks to this hard work.

Asena Girişken said, “Anyone can talk about everything, but I don’t let my hard work go. I am a very hard worker, and I love to work. I attach great importance to this profession, it has a very important place in my life. So I think it definitely comes from work. Whatever I have achieved in my life, I have achieved by working,” she explained.