Aslı Enver celebrates her 36th anniversary
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2 October 2022 10:18


Aslı Enver celebrates her 36th anniversary

Born on May 10, 1984, Aslı Enver celebrates her 36th birthday. The actress, who has been shown among the most successful names of recent years, is at the peak of her career. After the Bride of İstanbul series ended last season, she started 2020 with the Babel series. Aslı Enver’s acting journey continues successfully.

However, her troubles and wrong steps about her private life cause criticism. After breaking up with Murat Boz, she was called by 2 famous names … Someone Uraz Kaygılaroğlu … They met 2 times through their common friends but then they did not want to continue. The second one is the former basketball player Kerem Tunçeri … They started to meet, when the messages sent by Tunçeri to other women during the dating period were exposed, the love ended in a short time.

Asli Enver, who was lonely in her private life, also showed her loneliness with her birthday cake … She who said “Who will eat so many cakes” made both happy and thought with her sharing. Aslı Enver’s greatest wish for her fans to find someone to share her life with at her new age …

Aslı Enver, who published her photographs accompanied by cakes, said, “There was no need for great celebrations to feel loved. This was also this year … I kept my wish but not only for myself, but for everyone! The core group next to me, I felt the hand of all of you on the back, thank you and a thousand thanks ” she left a message.

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