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6 July 2022 18:24


Aslıhan Güner got her husband! Ezgi Mola was thrilled with her rating gift! Eda Ece surprised the director!

The shares of famous names on social media are followed with great interest from their fans. Let’s take a look at the examples from the last posts of 3 actresses, whose TV series are very talked about right now. First place is Aslıhan Güner. As you know, North Star is on the agenda with his first love series, where he appears with red hair.

The actress is greatly appreciated for her new image after she dyed her hair for the drama. She is also very popular with the Yıldız character in Show TV’s North Star series, where she starred with İsmail Demirci.

Aslıhan Güner often shares her photographs with the pleasant working environment and the magnificent nature of Ordu. She is away from her wife and family due to the filming in Ordu.

However, the actress, who came to Istanbul for the New Year, shares a pose of happiness with her husband and colleague Mert Kılıç with a mask.

Nowadays, Ezgi Mola, with the character of Safiye, who played in the TV series The Innocents broadcast on TRT, is widely talked about. The famous actress is also like a social media phenomenon. A name that her followers follow with interest with her posts.

While the actress is highly appreciated for her role as Safiye, the series is running to a record in the ratings! Ezgi Mola is also very happy with the rating of the last broadcast on the channel. The actress also thanked the audience by sharing the rating table, stating that it is almost a New Year gift.

Eda Ece, who played in the Forbidden Fruit series, attracted attention with a gift that went from the series but never forgotten a name that made her happy in the new year. Ece has surprised Neslihan Yeşilyurt, who is currently the director of the TV series Unfaithful, with a nice gift on New Year’s Eve.

Neslihan Yeşilyurt and Eda Ece, who directed the Forbidden Fruit TV series for 3 seasons, also show that they are also good friends from time to time.

Eda Ece’s surprise was shared by Yeşilyurt with the note “What a beautiful gift” to the director she met outside the set. Eda Ece responds with the word “Eda Nesli forever”…

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