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6 July 2022 06:26


Aslıhan Güner was surrounded by a great series of excitement!

Famous actress Aslıhan Güner took the lead role in the comedy series Kuzey Yıldız in the last two seasons. Aslıhan Güner, who performed very well in the series broadcast on the Show TV screen, is coming with a very different role in the new period.

Aslıhan Güner preferred the series for drama production. The actress, who preferred Uzak Şehrin Masalı among many offers, will soon be on the screen again.

In the announcement made by Fox TV, it was reported that the series will start in September. As the broadcast date of the series approaches, Aslıhan Güner’s excitement increases.

Sharing the lead role with Barış Kılıç, Begüm Birgören and Timur Acar, the actress will portray the character named Umay.

The actress, who shared photos from the series from time to time on her Instagram account, published the poster this time.

Aslıhan Güner said, “And the excitement is growing. Uzak Şehrin Masalı is our poster” and published the photo. Fans also supported the excitement of the famous actress with their likes.

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