Aslıhan Malbora joined the most ambitious new series of Show TV!
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4 October 2022 12:23


Aslıhan Malbora joined the most ambitious new series of Show TV!

The third big transfer to the Üç Kuruş series took place! The cast of the Üç Kuruş series, which is under preparation for Show TV, is very curious. Ay Yapım started to clarify the cast of the series one by one with meticulous work… Uraz Kaygılaroğlu was the first name to be signed.

Then came the information that the agreement with Aytaç Uşun was completed after his successful performance in the Çukur series. The third transfer, which made the fans of the series curious, also took place.

Aslıhan Malbora, who will portray the character of Leyla, the sister of the Kartal character, to be played by Kaygılaroğlu, has become clear. Announcing this transfer, journalist Birsen Altuntaş stated that talks with Ekin Koç and Hazal Subaşı continue. In addition, Nursel Köse is interviewed for the character of Neriman.

Aslıhan Malbora stepped into the sector in 2017 with the TV series Seven Ne Yapmaz. The actress, who took part in the TV series Kalbimin Sultanı, Ağlama Anne and Her Yerde Sen aroused admiration with her beauty.

Aslıhan Malbora’s latest series was the “Gel Dese Aşk” series of ATV, which was broadcast in March 2020 and lasted only 4 episodes.

After taking part in 3 movies in a row, the actress chose the series again and will appear in the most ambitious production of Show TV in the new season.

The performance of the beautiful actress, whom we will watch in the character of Leyla, has already been a matter of curiosity.

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