At Altın Kelebek ceremony, the famous beauties of the TV series entered the elegance race!..
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27 March 2023 13:10


At Altın Kelebek ceremony, the famous beauties of the TV series entered the elegance race!..

Organized for the 47th time this year, the ‘Pantene Altın Kelebek Ödülleri’ found their owners. In the magnificent night, there was a race of elegance among the famous female stars of the screens.

At the award ceremony, which was held with the presentation of Cem Davran and Çağla Şikel, many successful names in the television world were presented with their awards by famous names.

The famous female stars of the screens, competing with each other in elegance, dazzled with their dress choices on the red carpet.

Actress Melis Sezen, who gave life to the character of ‘Derin’ in the TV series Sadakatsiz, attended the night where she was awarded the ‘Shining Stars’ award in a white, deep-cut dress bearing the signature of famous fashion designer Tuvana Büyükçınar.

Sezen expressed her feelings in her Instagram post as follows; “Tonight is very special to me! This is my first award! Endless thanks to everyone who was with me! Great pride and happiness. My dear @tuvana_buyukcinar, you couldn’t have reflected me better, I told my dreams, you made me live this, thank you very much, I kiss you from your beautiful heart.”

Ayça Ayşin Turan, the star of Ada Masalı series broadcast on Star TV screens, attracted attention with her simple dress preference in the night. The beautiful star, who won the ‘Best Romantic Comedy Series Actress Award’, dazzled with her natural beauty at night.

Ezgi Mola and Merve Dizdar, the two leading actresses of TRT1’s Masumlar Apartmanı series, also won the “Best Actress Award”. Ezgi Mola, on her Instagram account, wrote, “I would like to thank our dear audience and @masumlarapartmani teammates who voted with the happiness of sharing the best actress award at the Altın Kelebek Ödülleri with my dear @mervedizdar.”

Ezgi Mola preferred to wear a black toilet at night. Merve Dizdar, like her partner, chose black in her choice of clothes. Famous actress Nurgül Yeşilçay presented the award to the duo.

Ahsen Eroğlu, the leading actress of the series Menajerimi Ara, which was broadcast on Star TV last season, was also awarded the “Shining Star Award”. Eroğlu almost resembled a heroine with her caped outfit.

Famous actress Demet Özdemir presented this year’s Pantene Star Shining Awards to their owners. The actress was among the most stylish women of the night with her strapless long-tailed dress in black and white colors she wore at the ceremony.

Cemre Baysel, who shines with her Baht Oyunu series, displayed a simple elegance at the ceremony. Baysel became one of the three female stars to receive the Shining Star Award.

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