Ata Demirer shared the photograph of himself 35 years ago
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30 March 2023 05:40


Ata Demirer shared the photograph of himself 35 years ago

Famous comedian Ata Demirer grew up in the Akbıyık district of Bursa… The actor occasionally goes back to the past and publishes his old photos on social media.

This time, Ata Demirer, who shares the photo sent to him by a lady from Bursa, is seen as his 13-year-old. The famous comedian wrote that he did not know who took the photo.

Many fans admired the sharing. Some say it is like a Renaissance painting. Due to a neighborhood square of the old life was great interest in Turkey.

Turkey is reflected in the life of the old quarter of sightseeing in this photo as they want in the middle of the street children can play. Ata Demirer, standing leaning against the wall, is also at the beginning of his adolescence.

Here is the highly acclaimed and smiling share of the famous comedian:

#tb’s grandmother ? 1985 Bursa Akbıyık Neighborhood,
I’m leaning against the wall and laughing at myself whatever I’m laughing now .. I don’t know who took the photo A lady from Bursa sent me ??

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