Attention, those who love the Kanunsuz Topraklar series, you may encounter a big shock!
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1 April 2023 07:59


Attention, those who love the Kanunsuz Topraklar series, you may encounter a big shock!

The Kanunsuz Topraklar series, produced by Gold Film with a great investment and the whole team’s hard work, unfortunately does not attract the attention expected from the audience. Despite the effective performance of the two leading actors, Esra Bilgiç and Uğur Güneş, the course of the series is not good.

The 15th episode became very critical after the low ratings last week in the Kanunsuz Topraklar series, in which Necip Memili, who had a very successful period in the Çukur series, also gave the lead role.

In the series, where the loss of viewers is a serious problem, even if the story is made more interesting, things will still be difficult if the ratings do not make a strong jump. Kanunsuz Topraklar, which is expected to be one of the best series of Fox TV this season, has not received the ratings it deserves since it first started.

After the audience’s interest has dropped considerably, every episode is critical now. In order for the series to continue, it has to get good ratings. Because a production and channel management with a high budget will not accept long-term damage.

Both the actors and the technical team of the series are doing their best, and this is evident in the scenes. The performances of the actors in Kanunsuz Topraklar, which has become a visually rich series and whose story is also interesting, are also very successful.

There is hope that audience interest will rise in the 15th new episode. But if this hope does not come true, it is feared that Fox TV will make a sudden final decision for the series. For this reason, the 15th new episode, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, February 2, is of great importance. Here are the new images from the new episode:

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