ATV is both first and taking a big risk with the Akıncı series!
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25 March 2023 13:36


ATV is both first and taking a big risk with the Akıncı series!

Akıncı, the new series of atv, begins with its first episode on Friday, January 1st. Şükrü Özyıldız and Büşra Develi met in the leading role of the Akıncı series, which has not many examples on the screen as a fantastic series. The first episode of the series, which ATV decided to take on Sundays of Hercai, and air it on Friday evenings, is also eagerly awaited.

Since August, the team has worked hard. The result was a heroic story with science fiction elements that can be proud of. Şükrü Özyıldız, who keeps the form for the Akıncı series, will have to diet for a long time. Speaking to ATV Haber, Özyıldız said, “Our hearts came to our mouth while reading and filming the script”.

Akıncı, who is the protector of Istanbul, emerges as the current hero of a story that has its roots in the Ottomans… Özyıldız explained his character with the following words: “Engineer, dreamer, also inventor.” Saying that their excitement increases with each passing day, Şükrü Özyıldız added that he could also see the expectations and excitement of the audience increased.

The whole team is excited. The series, which has a bold script, will be full of action. The reaction of the audience is also eagerly awaited. Büşra Develi, who gave life to a reporter named Nergis in the series, said, “We are very excited, I can say that we have been waiting since the 15th of August”.

Büşra Develi, telling about Nergis, who constantly pursues news as a journalist, said, “As a journalist, she is a character who always seeks to make news and naturally finds herself in the middle of the action without fear.”

The high energy and harmony of Şükrü Özyıldız and Büşra Develi, who explained that Akıncı’s shooting went very well, is one of the details that will make a significant contribution to the success of the series. The duo, who seemed to get along very well on the set, had previously starred together in the production called Sweet Little Liars.

Tolga Tekin is the other name in the leading role. Playing the character of Orhan Demirci, a retired ex-commando from special forces, Tekin emphasized that he was the person who trained Akıncı. The actor said, “I am his father’s brother-in-arms who found Akıncı and educated him in every sense.”

Veli Çelik, who is the director of Akıncı, explained that such TV series, of which viewers see their examples on digital platforms, are a new genre for the mainstream media. Veli Çelik said: “It is actually a genre that they are used to from overseas business or digital platforms. But it will be a new genre for mainstream media. We are in good mood, we believe it is a very good work. ”

The Akıncı series will carry a first example for mainstream media channels. Atv, he took this big risk. Director Veli Çelik stated in the interview that they are aware of this.

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