ATV is in shock! Yalnız Kurt series ratings have dropped! Here is the culprit for breaking the spell!
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30 March 2023 05:30


ATV is in shock! Yalnız Kurt series ratings have dropped! Here is the culprit for breaking the spell!

Yalnız Kurt series was a production that told about the parallel state structuring that plagued Turkey.

The messages given in the Yalnız Kurt series are very effective, and the audience hopes to find some footnotes about July 15 on the screen and what happened behind the scenes… Since the events described in the series have recently affected Turkey a lot, the Lone Wolf series achieved good ratings with its first 3 episodes. .

However, there are signs that this situation is starting to deteriorate with the fourth episode aired on Friday, February 18th. There seems to be a serious loss of ratings and viewers in the series. Cihan Ünal’s magnificent performance and Hasan Denizyaran and Damla Colbay’s presentations about the leading role drew attention.

However, it has to be said that the audience is very confused about the story. Those who believe that the names used in the series have a real-life counterpart, try to match the characters with real-life people. However, some events and dark sides do not allow this overlap to be made in a healthy way.

Yalnız Kurt series fans also experience mixed thoughts and feelings after leaving the beginning of each episode. The reason for this is that the connection between real life and the series cannot be clearly established.

Many series fans are looking for traces of real-life events by going back to the messages and times and searching on google. However, when this connection cannot be established clearly, the story is in danger of being left in the air.

As a result of these confusions, the magic of the Yalnız Kurt series begins to deteriorate and the interest begins to decrease. This question has a great share in the serious audience interest in the fourth episode.

It seems that the Lone Wolf scriptwriters must somehow place clues in the series that will allow the characters to overlap with real-life events. The breakdown of the spell is that the screenwriters drown the audience in too much detail and it becomes difficult to put the pieces together.

It may be easy for the writers of the script to make sense of the events in the series, but the viewers want to make a connection between real life and the characters of the series, but they cannot do it completely. This is the main reason why the Yalnız Kurt series is disenchanted.

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