ATV made a smart move, Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz is no longer spoken about!
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5 October 2022 15:55


ATV made a smart move, Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz is no longer spoken about!

Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz was one of the strongest productions on Tuesday evenings for 6 seasons, and it was expected to continue for many more years. In fact, evaluations were made on the set that the series could last even 10 seasons.

The series, starring names such as Oktay Kaynarca, Ozan Akbaba, Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, had a very large cast. Together with the names who have participated in the series until today, Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz has offered opportunities to many young names…

A series that mingled with experienced and young names, affecting millions of viewers every season with its story, became the victim of the conflict between the producer and the broadcaster channel. Many actors and set workers lost their jobs. There was also a huge financial loss.

The disagreement between atv and BVB Production brought the end of a series that millions of viewers were eagerly waiting for.

However, ATV made a smart move and managed to cover up all these events and prevent them from being talked about.

Because the new series called Destan started and suddenly came to the fore in the ratings on Tuesday evenings. In other words, ATV, which showed everyone that the Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz, can achieve with Destan, has also moved its perspective to a different point.

This development also ended the hopes of Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz to return to the screen. Because the series cannot be broadcast on any channel other than ATV, and it would not be logical to show it on another day other than Tuesday evenings, even if it returns after this time.

As a result, when the Destan series came, the atmosphere created by the Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz for 6 seasons has completely disappeared.

Now there is the Destan series and ATV has pleased the fans of the series with a project that can get much better ratings.

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