Series News Atv’s Kalp Yarası series separations become two!

Atv’s Kalp Yarası series separations become two!

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The new episode of the ATV series named Kalp Yarası, unfortunately, will not be on the screen on the evening of January 10th. Due to the coronavirus case on the set, the new episode was postponed to a later date.

In the story of the series, some new arrangements draw attention. There is also a new transfer with the separation of two famous names in the Kalp Yarası series… Mahir Günşıray was giving life to the character of Adnan Sancakzade in the series and said goodbye to the story in the last episode.

Series fans will be shaken by a new separation. This time, the name that will say goodbye will be Meltem Gülenç, who has been present since the beginning of the story with the character of Zümrüt.

How will the departure of a master name like Meltem Gülenç after Mahir Günşıray affect the story of the series?

With the separation of the two master actors, it is possible that there will be important gaps in the story. However, the screenwriters have already included a new character to fill these gaps. Nilsu Berfin Aktaş will be included in the series in new episodes and will contribute to the development of the story with a surprise character.

Fans of the Kalp Yarası series were waiting for the new episode to air on January 10, but they will have to wait another week as the coronavirus problem spreads to the series. The series has aired 26 episodes so far, and a story plot that excites the audience every week continues.