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18 August 2022 16:35


ATV’s Kardeşlerim series was such an unlucky series in the ratings!

Kardeşlerim series, which aired on ATV screens, left behind another magnificent episode. In the 30th episode aired on the evening of 27 November, the audience witnessed the moments when the emotionality peaked. After Kadir left the story last week, his brothers and loved ones burst into tears.

Yiğit Koçak, who portrays the character of Ömer, showed a very good acting in emotional scenes, and it was also on the agenda in social media… Kardeşlerim achieved a very good rating in the category of all persons with the power of this influential episode and story.

If Kardeşlerim had been published another day, maybe it would have taken the first place with this rating. However, the biggest misfortune of the series was that it competed with a production like Gönül Dağı… Gönül Dağı, which achieved the most successful rates of this season on the evening of 27 November, took the first place in the ratings in all audience groups.

The success of the series Kardeşlerim was therefore somewhat overshadowed. In the evening when a production such as Gönül Dağı achieved the most successful ratings of the season, Kardeşlerim series also gathered millions of fans on the ATV screen.

Kardeşlerim, who finished the day in second place in all individuals and ABC1 groups, are not in a position to take the first place from Gönül Dağı with these rates. This is the biggest misfortune of the series. For example, if the series was broadcast on Friday, it could wipe out the mess with these ratings.

Kardeşlerim, who took second place in the EU group in the past weeks, dropped to the third place this time. When Fox Main News made an attack, there was only one step left to regress to the ATV series…

Kardeşlerim is one of the most successful productions of the season with its story, acting performances, editing and the intense interest of the audience.

Atv’s successful series will continue to take its place on the screen with its 31st new episode on Saturday, December 4th.

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