Audience reaction to the Bitter Lands
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5 December 2022 08:39


Audience reaction to the Bitter Lands

Bitter Lands, meeting with the audience on the ATV screen, has parceled with A Miracle on Thursday evenings. The fans of the series, whose 3rd season is also full of exciting scenes, are waiting with great excitement for each episode.

After it is revealed that Vahide Perçin will leave in the 71st episode, her scenes attract more attention. Although many viewers sent a message to the screenwriters saying “We are not ready for this breakup”, the decision to leave has already been made.

The 68th new episode of the Bitter Land series was published. However, there was an image that made everyone extremely uncomfortable. Who would love to see a gun in the hands of a little boy on a mainstream channel?

There is such a scene in the Bitter Lands series, the audience is also reactive to this situation… Comments have been written on social media to ask how such an irresponsibility can be made… A 3 year old baby with a gun in his hand… Is that now? Blood splattered on the brains of many viewers in this scene… How is such a scene written and how is it shot and how is it broadcast?

One of the most important criticisms of the series in the 3rd season is that the guns are never silent and the violence is not missing.

Another disturbing issue was the attempt to burn Hünkar alive.


There are viewers on social media that criticize this situation and refer the issue to RTÜK.

In addition to the criticism of Yılmaz’s desire to kill, the morality of the character Züleyha is also questioned.

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