Aybüke Pusat, what did you do to your hair?
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5 October 2022 07:24


Aybüke Pusat, what did you do to your hair?

Famous actress Aybüke Pusat is one of the most beloved and admired female actors of recent years… The actress who won the hearts with the character of Bahar, which she played in the Oath series, was in the last 50 square meter Netflix series. The series has not been released yet, but is expected with curiosity and excitement.

Aybüke Pusat enjoys the holiday and freedom. The actress shared her hair with a “Spoiler alert” note in a post she released last week.

The actress’s share today tells what this tip means… She whose fans commented on “What did you do to that beautiful hair” stunned everyone with her new image.

The actress, who cut her hair short and got a different image, received both positive and negative comments from her followers.

So what was the reason for this change? Do you have a new project? This question was started to be asked by the fans of the famous actress.

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