Artists News AybükePusat received awards

AybükePusat received awards


A special prize has been awarded to Aybüke Pusat who plays in ‘The Oath’ series…

Aybüke Pusat, who was highly acclaimed with the ‘Bahar’ character in ‘The Oath’ series at the Istanbul Culture University Career Club, was selected by the students as ‘The Most Liked Female Series Game Player of the Year’.

Aybüke Pusat, a young actress who took the prize at university campus this year in the second place and the prize of 39 prizes distributed, “Always follow your dreams. I would like to thank my young friends who appreciate me for this award. A very valuable prize for me, ” she said.

At the awards ceremony, which was the end of 40 thousand students, the ‘The Oath’ series became the owner of the ‘Most Liked Series of the Year’ award.