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12 August 2022 17:15


Aziz series fans have great expectations!

The first season of the Aziz series, which met with the audience on the Show TV screen, was neither good nor bad… At the beginning of the season, the series received very good ratings and was one of the most gripping productions on Friday evenings.

However, towards the end of the season, both the story’s weakening and the fact that there were many different alternatives on Friday evenings were a factor in Aziz’s loss of audience. Murat Yıldırım fans, on the other hand, continued to give great support to the actor, as in the previous season’s Ramo series.

Murat Yıldırım, who went to the set instead of resting during the summer and starred in the movie Yer Eksi İki (Ground Minus Two), is also hopeful for the new season of the series, which will come together at the end of August.

Murat Yıldırım said that they do not know whether Aziz will continue until May and Show TV is the last decided to continue the series. This situation also shows how difficult the work of Aziz series is, even if it actually got the opportunity for the second season.

It is also very curious how the story will progress in the new period of the Aziz series, and what transformations will occur in Murat Yıldırım’s character.

In addition to being a good TV series couple with Simay Barlas, it should not be forgotten that there is an audience that expects stronger scenes from Murat Yıldırım in terms of heroism.

After Damla Sönmez’s departure from the series, which famous names will be included in the story and what other changes will be made in the new period also adorn the curiosity of the audience.

With the arrival of the new director Nezaket Coşkun in the Aziz series, it seems that there will be important innovations in the second season.

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