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7 July 2022 00:45


Azra Akın, whom we got to know with a beauty contest in 2002, is surprising with her age and appearance!

Famous actress Azra Akın and her husband Atakan Koru celebrated by combining their birthdays, whose dates are close to each other. The happy state of the couple, who has a son named Demir, was also reflected in the cameras.

Expressing that she is happy for her 40th birthday, Azra Akın said, “It is a very good age, I am happy.” Azra Akın, who was born in the Netherlands on December 8, 1981, did modeling and acting. Azra Akın, who won the Miss World title by finishing first in the Miss World contest held in 2002, is now a mother of a child.

After winning the competition and gaining great popularity, Azra Akın stepped into the TV series and cinema industry for the first time in 2004.

Azra Akın, whom we watched in various TV series and movies, was most recently on the screen with the role of Çiğdem in the television series Poyraz Karayel.

In the cinema, the actress, who has not had any projects since 2018, missed her fans a lot.

Expressing that she is 40 years old, the actress said, “Life is an experience, a journey. The important thing is to learn from the things we have experienced. Whatever happened, it was good,” he said.

Azra Akın, who shows that she has not lost anything from her beauty and youthful appearance in her final form, is shown as one of the most beautiful aging celebrities.

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