Bad news for fans who are waiting for a series from Burcu Özberk after Aşk Mantık İntikam!
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5 October 2022 10:19


Bad news for fans who are waiting for a series from Burcu Özberk after Aşk Mantık İntikam!

Famous actress Burcu Özberk has been one of the indispensable actresses of television series for many years. The actress, who gave very successful performances especially in romantic comedy series, became one of the well-known names both in our country and abroad, thanks to the success of the series.

Burcu Özberk most recently partnered with İlhan Şen in the TV series Aşk Mantık İntikam (Love Logic Revenge), and the project that started last summer was successful and continued until April. Burcu Özberk told that while she was resting after the finale of the series, she recently contracted the corona from her nephew and went through a very difficult process.

The actress, whose pain still continues, explained that the pain in both her head and back did not go away. The actress will be on the set in mid-September for the film project titled Rüyanda Görürsün (You see in your dreams). The actress, who will share the lead role with Murat Boz in the movie that will be broadcast on Disney Plus, announced that she wants to rest in the next process.

Burcu Özberk announced that she wanted to rest after her continuous work and coronavirus experience in recent years. With these words, the actress also states that she will not return to the screens with the series again in the near future.

Burcu Özberk said, “I will definitely take a vacation for 3-4 months. I wanted to rest my mind. I enjoyed the summer. I spent a lot of time in Istanbul, I did it on vacation,” she said.

Burcu Özberk wants to rest and recover for 3-4 months before re-entering the intensity of the series sets.

She said that the script of the movie Rüyanda Görürsün was excited and it would be a fun production. The actress said, “Murat is also a very popular person. I knew before too. A very good person. He is someone who plays from a very natural place and I am excited to work with him as well.”

Expressing that she has no agreement other than the film project, the famous actress said that she received offers and that her manager is continuing the negotiations.

Burcu Özberk is waiting for a project that fits her in to be the most beautiful and the best.

Explaining that she was even more pleased with the story of the cinema, the actress said that she liked these kinds of projects more because of the fixed working hours.

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