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20 August 2022 08:36


Bad signals are coming from the Destan series, Ebru Şahin fans are worried!

We can say that the Destan (Epic) series, which is broadcast on Tuesday evenings, has performed well so far and is at the forefront of the Tuesday competition by achieving good ratings. However, we know that the interest of the viewers, who started to break away from the screen with the warming of the weather, decreased towards the end of the season.

Loss of viewers for big-budget TV series can lead to very difficult results. There is a possibility of experiencing these problems for a high-budget TV series such as Destan, in which Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar take the lead roles.

Destan series was always at the forefront with the ratings it received throughout 17 episodes, as the story of the series was loved and the atmosphere also attracted attention. However, in the 18th episode aired on Tuesday, April 5, the ratings that went down to 5 ratios were perceived as a bad signal.

The Destan series, in which Ebru Şahin gives life to a heroine and trains intensely to successfully portray the role, is a project with high energy and challenging the actors. The fact that it is an expensive production as a production causes things to get difficult if the ratings drop.

Destan may also experience the problem of high-budget productions due to the drop in ratings that we have experienced in different TV series before. Even if such a problem is not yet evident, the drop in ratings in the 18th episode should be perceived as a signal in this direction. The work of the epic series team to attract the attention of the audience and the support of ATV will be important steps for this period.

Destan series, which experienced producer Mehmet Bozdağ dreams of and does not hesitate to make sacrifices to bring it to life, has a strong support with the intense interest it receives abroad. On the social media, it is a very positive development that the Destan series can still gain strong interactions.

However, despite the support abroad, everyone knows well that if the ratings decline to average rates, things will go into trouble. This rating problem, which continues to decline and cannot be stopped, reveals that a critical period has begun for the epic series.

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