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2 July 2022 13:28


Barbaroslar closed the season badly! Great job awaits the screenwriters in the new season!

Barbaroslar series bid farewell to the season last night. The ending of the series, which has not been happy in the ratings since the beginning of the season, was not bright either.

TRT 1’s very ambitious series Barbaroslar made its season finale with the episode aired last night. Until now, it was talked about whether the series, which did not smile in the ratings, would make the final or not, but the producer and the channel decided to continue in the second season.

The season finale of the Barbaroslar series aired last night also got bad results from the ratings. The series placed sixth in the all-person category with below-average ratings. Barbaroslar, which also achieved low rates in AB and ABC1, finished the season in ninth and seventh places.

The second season awaits a more challenging task in the series, which came with great claims but could not show the expected output. The screenwriters have a great responsibility to bring the series, whose ratings have fallen, to a better point.

The Barbaroslar series, which TRT 1 brought to the screen with huge claims and big budgets at the beginning of the season, also lost the leading actor Engin Altan Düzyatan. The series will continue for the second season without Oruç Reis, played by the successful actor. Another actress who will not be in the second season is Pelin Akil, who plays the character of Isabel.

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