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6 July 2022 18:49


Barbaroslar forget about being the first in the ratings!

It is known that the series Barbaroslar Akdeniz'in Kılıcı, which appeared on TRT1 screens as the most ambitious series of the new season, did well on Thursday nights. However, the goal of the series was to be at the top and be the most watched production of the day. The TRT1 series, which reached this goal in the first few episodes, has been unable to increase its ratings in recent weeks.

There has been an important preparation process for 1 year for the series in which Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulaş Tuna Astepe are in the main roles … Special teams were brought in from abroad for the series. Filming was meticulously done with a busy work schedule. A very ambitious cast of actors was also reunited on the series.

Despite all these factors, the Barbaroslar Akdeniz'in Kılıcı series has reached the point of giving up its goal of being the first … In the series, both the scriptwriters and the director and cinematographer were changed. Script problems prevent the series from getting better grades. Will the new team be able to fix this problem?

We will soon find the answer to this question. However, on Thursday nights, Kanal D's Camdaki Kız series showed very good results in all categories, but it is very difficult for Barbaroslar Akdeniz'in Kılıcı series to stand out.

The story of the Kanal D series was highly appreciated and the loyalty of the audience was built. This leads to a steady increase in grades. The Barbaroslar series, on the other hand, does not advance.

We remind you that the TRT1 series, whose fifth episode aired, fell behind Bir Zamanlar Çukurova in the category of all people and came in third position. Barbaroslar is competing in two series in the world class and it will be difficult to get ahead unless his opponents fall behind.

The TV series Barbaroslar, which received good ratings on AB and ABC1, is sadly far behind Camdaki Kız. Closing the gap does not seem possible at the moment. Of course, if the TRT1 series debuts, if the Kanal D series drops a bit, maybe there is a chance for first place.

However, it doesn't seem possible that the Barbaroslar series will be the first in the coming weeks.

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