Artists News Barış Arduç wants to have a child with Gupse Özay, but there is a condition!

Barış Arduç wants to have a child with Gupse Özay, but there is a condition!

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Barış Arduç is currently preparing for a new and ambitious project. He will star in the Club series, which he will share with Gökçe Bahadır and will be shot for Netflix. This time, Arduç will give life to a taxi driver named Ismet.

Barış Arduç, who will also act in a commercial, made an interview with the magazines in front of the company he went to for the meeting. In his interview broadcast on the Tv100 Youtube channel, the actress stated that the shooting of the series has started, but she will start in the first week of February and that they are well prepared.

As it is known, Barış Arduç married actor-screenwriter Gupse Özay, whom he met in the movie Deliha and with whom he had been with for a long time, in the summer. Whether the two want a child or not is a situation that fans wonder.

This issue was asked to Barış Arduç. Like every married couple, their opinions on this subject were curious. Barış Arduç gave a sincere answer to this question and said, “Everyone has a love for children. We would like it too, but there is such a thing as the right time ”.

The actor also tried to convey in a short sentence what the right time was for them. It was also noted that Gupse Özay and Barış Arduç had some priorities they wanted to do before having children. Arduç pointed out that they still have jobs they are planning to do with the answer, “Let’s get things done first, we don’t have a job left, then we have a child intention, why not”.

In the meantime, his wife, Gupse Özay, who wrote and played the last movie called Eltilerin Savaşı, was also asked. Barış Arduç said, “Gupse, he also works at home, has plans for new jobs. We have plans for the future ”and stated that they wanted to do after the pandemic and that Gupse Özay also made plans on this issue.