Barış Arduç, who is tired of the Alparslan series, can take a break from the sets for a while!
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25 March 2023 13:58


Barış Arduç, who is tired of the Alparslan series, can take a break from the sets for a while!

Famous actor Barış Arduç continues to appear before the audience with the second season of the Alparslan Great Seljuk series, which aired on TRT1 screens on Monday evenings. The actor, who has been working intensively on the set of the series with plenty of action, said that he is on the set 6 days a week.

The actor, who married Gupse Özay and has a daughter named Jan Asya, misses his daughter, who has not yet turned 1 year old. The actor said that after the set, he immediately went home and took care of his daughter, and that he sometimes changed his daughter’s diaper. The famous actor stated that being a father is a very different and special feeling, and that life goes on and he has to work.

Stating that his wife Gupse Özay, who is also an actress, should take a break from her career during this process, Barış Arduç said that when the time comes, his wife can also do projects and that he can take care of his daughter in this process.

Barış Arduç, who explains that even if such a plan does not exist yet, that his wife cannot stop without a project and that she has 2 ready-made movie projects, may have to take a break from his career for a while in the future.

The actor said the following about this issue: “Gupse is a woman who wants to produce and work very much. She will want to work for a while, too. Then I will want to spend time with my son. Then maybe I can take a break from doing something. If Gupse wants to make a movie by taking advantage of this, she will. Gupse writes whenever she can. She has 2 projects ready to do. She will do it when the time is right.”

The actor said, “Intensity, we are on the set 6 days a week. The work is enjoyable, we have entered the second season. There is a very established team. It’s fun for me to be on the set, it’s very enjoyable” and expressed his satisfaction to be in the Alparslan TV series.

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