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5 July 2022 13:58


Barış Arduç’s 6 million happiness!

Famous actor Barış Arduç continues to rise on social media. He, who is rarely among the celebrities who shared, has over 6 million followers. The famous actor has many fans outside of Turkey. Especially the high international sales of the Rental Love series made a great contribution to the recognition of Barış Arduç.

Barış Arduç, who is popular with the character Ömer in the Rental Love series, was defeated by the rating, although he performed well in the Kuzgun series. The series lasted 21 episodes and said goodbye to the screen.

The actor, who returned to the screen with The Pit series in 2020, suffered another misfortune due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The actor will not meet his audience again this season with his new character due to the shooting of the series. With the 4th season of The Pit series, next season will be on the screen again.

Barış Arduç will also have the opportunity to show himself to his audience with the character of Arık Böke Erdenet.

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