Artists News Barış Kılıç once again left his mark on the Kızılcık Şerbeti series!

Barış Kılıç once again left his mark on the Kızılcık Şerbeti series!


Famous actor Barış Kılıç continues to reveal his talents with the character of Ömer in the TV series Kızılcık Şerbeti (Cranberry Sherbet).

Barış Kılıç, who has a strong partnership with Evrim Alasya in the series broadcast on Friday evenings, delights his fans.

The master actor took on an important responsibility in the story of the series, this time with the character of Bekir, Ömer’s twin brother.

The arrival of Ömer’s twin brother Bekir, whom he lost years ago, to his house left his mark on the final scene of the episode.

The successful performance of Barış Kılıç, who played both Ömer and his twin Bekir in the episode that left many questions in mind, was praised.

Other details in the 40th episode of the series are as follows:

Fatih’s refusal to accept remarriage ruined Doğa’s plan with her lawyer.

Doğa was shocked when Fatih told her family at the dinner table that Doğa was actually playing a game to get custody of the baby.

When Doğa learned that Fatih was following her, her lawyer let her go, causing her to become trapped. Ömer, who hid his illness from Kıvılcım and left her life, did not give up this attitude.

Ömer, who went with Gonca to Kıvılcım and Ertuğrul’s dinner, managed to destroy the woman he loved once again. Kıvılcım felt great sadness when she saw Ömer with another woman.