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5 July 2022 12:54


Baş Belası behind-the-scenes shooting tricks are seen one by one!

While the series of Baş Belası continues to meet the audience on the ATV screen, the results of the ratings continue to come below expectations. There is also a large audience waiting for the new episodes of the series starring İrem Helvacıoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir.

Combination of crime and comedy. There are also fun moments behind the camera of the TV series Baş Belası, in which the story of two opposite characters gathers the viewers every week. It was shared what happened during the shooting of the 6th episode of the series, which was published last week.

Serial fans love behind the scenes. Seeing what happened on the set also tells the audience how much effort was put into it. An experienced and devoted team came together in the series Baş Belası.

The tricks made during the shooting of the series are also reflected in the video. With this sharing, you can witness how the background of the images that the audience watches with amazement on the screen is prepared. In the video below, you can find the behind the scenes footage of the 6th episode of the Baş Belası series.

The 7th new episode of Baş Belası, one of the popular TV series of ATV screens, will meet with the audience this evening.

While İpek is kidnapped, Şahin will return to the homicide bureau. The adventures of İpek and Şahin will once again lock the audience on the screen in the new episode.

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