Artists News Başak Sayan’s life has changed completely

Başak Sayan’s life has changed completely


Başak Sayan, a famous actress of a period, is now making a name for herself with her writing. Başak Sayan’s books open new doors for many readers who do not leave their homes due to the coronavirus epidemic. It is remarkable that Başak Sayan left her acting career aside, and then passed to writing and being very successful.

Başak Sayan continued her acting career until 2015, which she started with the series Crazy Bedish in 1996. The role that made Sayan famous was Ceyda character in The Fall of Leaves, which was published in 2006-2010. The actress last played in the series of Milat in 2015. After taking part in various roles and movies in various roles, she ended her acting career for writing.

Başak Sayan describes a great love that spreads over time in her first novel, Fear of Attachment, and her results in a sincere language. Fear of Attachment is an epic novel about love and love, what we understand only when we lose them and regret it.

The Fate of the Butterfly, which invites readers to a spiritual journey, offers an intense and shocking adventure that the heroes of the modern world experience on loving, loving, suffering, betrayed and discovering their own destiny. The second novel of Başak Sayan, The Fate of Butterfly, is an epic narrative about how coincidences rule life and that nothing is a coincidence, that every person and every experience is a step in the way of life, a modern time tale …

Başak Sayan’s novel, in which psychology and philosophy are intertwined, The Silence of the Dead Birds, with secrets As she opens the doors of a world full of excitement, she tells a story that will be read with a high dose of excitement. The novel invites both its characters and their readers to look into the past and face their own past to understand the reason for what happened to them.

Başak Sayan, in her novel Nigâhdar, which she wrote after two years of deep research on the history of religions; She follows the traces of Hallâc-ı Mansûr, which has been missing for more than a thousand years. Nigâhdar sheds light on the similarity of mysticism and quantum physics with a crime scene with a high dose of excitement and mystery.

Başak Sayan, who wanted to teach her own children that the most important thing in life is to follow their dreams and to believe in herself, wrote the first child novel, The Boy Who Wants to Be Wind, shortly after she brought her twin babies to the world. The book, which tells the story of Milo, whose biggest dream is to fly like a wind and go all over the world, overcomes the importance of dreaming and believing all children, and the love of nature and people. The Child Who Wants to Be a Wind was also among the books chosen to be taught in schools.

Başak Sayan talks about Ares, who is in elementary school age, the effort to have a place in society, her view of life and true love in the Child Looking for Shadow, which she wrote for her son Ares. Reminding that not only adults, but also young children and young people need and need to impose themselves on society and their environment, the book emphasizes that a child does not need any reason to be loved and every child deserves to be loved unconditionally.

Based on her own life story, “Can man change her fate?” In his first autobiographical book, where she examines the answer to the question, “Everything Changes If You Change,” Başak Sayan explains how she took the strings of her own life and what he encountered in her inner journey. Sayan, who bases her life experience on science and philosophy and conveys it to her reader, invites her readers to this change with a 21-day study while explaining how he adapted science and philosophy into her own life and how she changed her life.

Başak Sayan’s Fear of Attachment, Fate of the Butterfly, Silence of Dead Birds, Nigâhdar’s novels; Children’s books and the autobiographical book titled The Child Who Wants to Be a Wind and the Child Looking for the Shadow, Everything Changes If You Change are on sale.