Before the second season of Camdaki kız, the lead actor is very impatient
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4 February 2023 09:05


Before the second season of Camdaki kız, the lead actor is very impatient

The Camdaki Kız series, by Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu, has become a popular production of the screen in a short time. The series, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens and impresses with its first 9-episode first season, will make its main debut in the second season.

Feyyaz Şerifoğlu, who came to the fore with the character of Can in the Kırmızı Oda series and got along very well with Burcu Biricik, achieved perhaps the most important step of his career by grabbing the lead role in the Camdaki Kız series. The fact that the Kırmızı Oda is very decisive in this regard is obvious.

If Feyyaz Şerifoğlu and Burcu Biricik had not been so successful in the Kırmızı Oda series and the audience had not been so supportive, maybe Şerifoğlu could have gotten such a role later in his career.

The Camdaki Kız was a great opportunity for the actor, and we can say that Şerifoğlu used it well with his performance in the first season. The actor, who was seen on vacation in Çeşme Alaçatı, is already feeling the excitement of the second season.

Expressing excitedly that they will start shooting in August, Feyyaz Şerifoğlu is very pleased with what has happened so far. His impatience for the second season is like a message that shows the actor’s appetite for returning to the set…

The actor said, “The project started a little fast. Thank goodness it goes fast. We are happy with the result. We are looking forward to the new season. Shooting will begin in August. We’ll be back in front of our audience in September. We are impatient”, he did not neglect to show how eager he is.

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