Behind the scenes of the Cengiz Bozkurt crisis in the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun has been revealed!
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25 March 2023 13:31


Behind the scenes of the Cengiz Bozkurt crisis in the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun has been revealed!

Leyla ile Mecnun, which attracted great attention when it was broadcast on TRT1 screens and remembered as a different production on the screen with its absurd comedy story, met with their fans again.

After Acun Ilıcalı bought the rights of the series for the Exxen platform from TRT, there was a period of re-negotiation with the team. The biggest problem in this process arose because of Cengiz Bozkurt, who played the character of Erdal Bakkal. Because the actor did not want to be in the series again. In those days, the background of this situation, which was described as the Leyla and Mecnun crisis in the press, was unknown.

However, journalist Birsen Altuntaş revealed that an event that happened years ago on the set of the series has come to this day. During the period when Leyla ile Mecnun was broadcast on TRT1 years ago, some problems arose on the set.

It turned out that Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, who plays the character of İskender, was rude to the set team and this situation caused a fight within the team.It is stated that Cengiz Bozkurt also reacted to Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, who was alleged to have said bad words to the team on the set.

Allegedly, Cengiz Bozkurt decided not to work on the same set with his co-star because of these attitudes. It took a long time to convince Cengiz Bozkurt, who continued this decision in the period when he was going to be renewed.

Ali Atay, Serkan Keskin and Cengiz Bozkurt, who did not want to offend the director Onur Ünlü, took part in the team of Leyla ile Mecnun, who started again. However, he made the condition of not appearing in any scene with Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan accepted.

For this reason, İskender and Erdal Bakkal do not have a scene in the series. It is claimed that the team made special efforts to prevent the two actors from coming together during the shoot.

It was also decided to withdraw the sequel of Leyla ile Mecnun, which attracted attention with its comeback on the Exxen platform. The TV series team got together again in the past few days and started shooting for the new period.

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