Being Zümrüt in her first TV series, Yargı, scared Esma Yeşim Gül, but it didn't turn out as she expected!
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29 November 2022 09:56


Being Zümrüt in her first TV series, Yargı, scared Esma Yeşim Gül, but it didn’t turn out as she expected!

Esma Yeşim Gül plays the character of Zümrüt in the TV series Yargı, which is broadcast on Kanal D on Sunday evenings. Stating that she was very excited because it was her first TV series, the actress is 26 years old and has an important opportunity to showcase her talents.

Esma Yeşim Gül, who stated that she felt lucky to be in the series Yargı, also took part in a role in the Blu TV series Saklı, but the Yargı was her biggest test…

Stating that she loved her character in the series Yargı when she was involved, the actress also admitted that she was worried about negative reactions from the audience at first.

Esma Yeşim Gül said: “First of all, I feel very lucky to be in such a job. The Zümrüt character is a somewhat judgmental role. But when I got involved, I definitely started to feel more compassion as I faced her own handicaps and conflicts in her own inner world. I had other initial concerns. As it is my first job, how will it be received, whether it will receive comments or reactions… It has never been as I expected. I am so happy.”

Explaining that the character in the series Yargı is as exciting as it is scary for her, the actress also mentioned that this situation can be experienced in real life when she looks at the Zümrüt character.

The actress talked about er role as follows: “Actually, trying to overcome the difficulties that we all go through and that we can’t tell anyone about, seeing this side of a character is very exciting for me. It’s both scary and exciting. All of these add a lot to me. As I entered Zümrüt’s life, I began to feel compassion. I don’t find what she’s doing right and I don’t defend it. However, we all have faults. The regret she experienced is already reflected.”

Stating that she received bad comments due to her Zümrüt character, the young actress also mentioned that she received positive comments from the audience for her performance.

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