Belcim Bilgin on the Hekimoğlu set after unlucky luck
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30 September 2022 08:33


Belcim Bilgin on the Hekimoğlu set after unlucky luck

The actress who waited for the 2nd season after a short time in the BehzatÇ series last season, was left in the middle due to the discontinuation of the series. Having experienced the same excitement for the Hekmioğlu series, Belcim Bilgin was also stuck in the pandemic obstacle this time.

The excitement of returning to the series sets, twice in her crop, Belcim Bilgin met with the team of Hekimoğlu and started shooting. So what kind of character will she bring to life? Here are the details in the statement sent from Kanal D …

Now Belcim Bilgin is Hekimoğlu’s staff! Belgim Bilgin was included as a guest actor in the drama of Hekimoğlu, who made a sound with every episode of Kanal D. The popular actress started shooting.

Belcim Bilgin, who will appear before the 16th episode of the series, will play the character of the lawyer Selin Kurt, the ex-wife of Hekimoğlu. Selin confronts Hekimoğlu 5 years after her divorce due to her new husband’s illness. With the arrival of Selin, the balances will change in the hospital.

Hekimoğlu, with Timuçin Esen, Okan Yalabık, Ebru Özkan, Kaan Yıldırım, Aytaç Şaşmaz and Damla Colbay, will be on Kanal D with their new episodes soon.

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