Bensu Soral made a new decision for the series after the failed attempt!
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26 September 2022 11:55


Bensu Soral made a new decision for the series after the failed attempt!

On behalf of the famous actress Bensu Soral, the series project named Cam Tavanlar did not make a good return. Many fans have been waiting for the famous actress to return to the screen for 4 years. The beautiful actress, who met Kubilay Aka in the lead role with a story written by Meriç Novice, could not achieve the strong output she wanted.

On behalf of Bensu Soral, who acts the character of Leyla in the series, the new series project’s negative returns attracted more attention than positive ones. Bensu Soral, who received criticism that she could not portray the character well enough, faced many criticisms on social media with her leading role.

Bensu Soral could not satisfy her fans with her return to the screen after 4 years. The life of Cam Tavanlar series was only 8 episodes. What the famous actress will do in the new period was also eagerly awaited.

Bensu Soral announced her decision on the series to her fans. The actress does not want to take a break from the sets for a long time again.

Examining the projects that came to her, the actress announced that she would return to the screen. Soral said, “I will not say goodbye to the screen. If there is something suitable, I want to go inside. That’s why there is no holiday plan for now,” she said.

This decision of the actress, who had a misfortune in the Cam Tavanlar series, will please her fans.

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