Beren Saat's remarkable serial message
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28 January 2023 17:02


Beren Saat’s remarkable serial message

The Gift, one of Netflix’s original Turkish TV series, was broadcast last night (September 10). Those who have been waiting for the series with curiosity for a while have started to watch the season and share their likes with the actors and other viewers on social media.

Following the comments he received about the series, Beren Saat thanked everyone by sharing a pose she gave with her teammates on Instagram. The actress, who posed with Mehmet Günsur, Melisa Şenolsun, Metin Akdülger and Tim Seyfi, expressed her gratitude to everyone with the photo that was understood to be taken during the wedding scene in the series.

The actress, who stated that she received emotional messages and support messages, with her note in her post, also referred to other actor friends by saying “I am also proud of us”.

Wishing the audience a “good time”, the actress added that they had a lot of fun on the set.

The actress, who received notes in both English and Turkish, also conveyed her messages to the fans of the series, which is watched under the name of The Gift in many countries.

Here is that message:

Are we cool or whaaaaa?

Thanks to everyone for love, support and extremely emotional messages. I’m proud of us too…

Have fun watching it. We’ve had a lot of fun together on the set. Love u all!!!

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