Beril Pozam is extremely happy to act in the TV series Baba with Haluk Bilginer, whom she is a fan of!
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27 March 2023 19:32


Beril Pozam is extremely happy to act in the TV series Baba with Haluk Bilginer, whom she is a fan of!

Young actress Beril Pozam, who gave life to the character of Sevil in the TV series Baba, was the guest of Ferit Ömeroğlu in the program broadcast on YouTube. The successful actress, who took a place in the hearts of the audience in the first episodes with the character she portrayed, made sincere statements about her acting and private life in the program.

Announcing her name for the first time with the character of Nazmiye in the TV series Afili Aşk, which was published in 2019, Beril Pozam had a big break with the Ada Masalı series, which was broadcast last season.

The young actress, who has given successful performances in different productions, plays the woman whom Kadir character, played by Tolga Sarıtaş, one of the leading roles in the TV series Baba, loves and cannot forget.

Explaining that she was very excited when she first met the veteran actress, Beril Bozam expressed her feelings for Haluk Bilginer by using the phrase “he is my master” as follows: “I have been following him for years. We had never met. In my previous job, I also played a role with the great actress Demet Akbağ. I felt the same in her, because they are both my masters. I grew up watching them, having fun with them, thinking with them.”

“When I first met Haluk Bilginer and Demet Akbağ, I was confused and confused about what to do.” Beril Pozam said that it is an inexpressible feeling to play with a person she admires and said;

“It’s so nice that someone you admire so much turns out to be a good person, because zero disappointment. Sometimes you admire a lot, you meet and you are treated very badly. Never, overly kind, very funny, really listens to you, energetic, happy. Because they are true masters. They are masters, we are their apprentices. This is a very beautiful thing. “

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