Artists News Beril Pozam’s influence in the Yalı Çapkını series will now be much stronger!

Beril Pozam’s influence in the Yalı Çapkını series will now be much stronger!


Yalı Çapkını (Golden Boy) series was a project in which female characters attracted attention. Afra Saraçoğlu as Seyran and Buçe Buse Kahraman as Pelin were the most talked about names of the first season. Gülçin Santırcıoğlu as İfakat and Gözde Kansu as Gülgün Korhan were also very effective in supporting roles.

Another notable actress of the series was Beril Pozam. The actress we watched as Suna, the older sister of Seyran’s character, gave a very good performance.

Beril Pozam is expected to stand out much more in the new season in the series where many female actors play important roles. The scriptwriters will try to increase the excitement of the audience with episodes in which the two women in the mansion exceed the limits of their power.

The rapprochement between the character Kaya, played by Tarık Emir Tekin, and Suna, played by Beril Pozam, will add great excitement to the series. The images of the couple getting close have already become one of the most talked about topics on social media.

There is also great support on social media for the character Suna, played by Beril Pozam. According to the scenario, the actress is expected to be more effective in the upcoming episodes and direct the story.

A process in which the two sisters begin to determine everything in the mansion means that the scenario will also become more active. Be prepared for the episodes where the characters of Suna and Seyran, where a power struggle is expected to take place, will come to the fore.