Berker Güven made an Instagram call, but there is no Instagram on his phone!
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5 October 2022 11:17


Berker Güven made an Instagram call, but there is no Instagram on his phone!

Berker Güven, who plays the leading role with the character of Somer in the TV series Üç Kız Kardeş (Three Sisters), draws attention with his social media posts on Instagram. The actor has close to 1 million followers in his account (berkerguvenn).

Explaining that a young man named Berk Ergüven bought an account named (berkerguven) in the program he participated in on Youtube, the actor said, “He bought a child named Berk Ergüven and he does not use it. Berk Ergüven, my brother, I want my Instagram account back”.

The actor, who was asked to read the messages from his fans on Instagram, stunned everyone by saying, “I read, but first I need to install Instagram on my phone.”

Expressing that he deleted the application, the actor showed that he was not too interested in social media. In the video broadcast on the channel named Talu Talks, director Cem Talu reminded that he and Berker Güven shared on Instagram the previous day.

The actor also announced that he deleted the Instagram application after this sharing. Berker Güven said, “Because I don’t use it. I don’t like to use. With instagram installed on the phone, even though you have nothing to do on the phone, you press it and surf there for half an hour. It is a huge waste of time,” he said.

Berker Güven, who uploaded instagram and twitter to his phone at Cem Talu’s request, when asked to install the Tiktok application, said, “Brother, don’t be ridiculous, neither Tiktok. I’m not that young. What am I going to do with Tiktok?

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