Artists News Berker Güven will return to Kanal D with an explosive series!

Berker Güven will return to Kanal D with an explosive series!

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Born in 1994 in Izmir, Berker Güven has shone in a short time in his 5-year career… The actor has millions of fans and his new projects are eagerly awaited.

The actor, who stepped on the sets with the character of Arif in the movie Babam, also made his first TV series project with the character of Aleksi in the TV series Vatanım Sensin. The actor made a big break in the Kanal D series Zalim İstanbul.

Berker Güven, the shining star of Zalim İstanbul with the character of Nedim, pleased his fans with a magnificent acting. Last season, the actor gave life to the character of Alexander in the TV series Alev Alev.

A new series is being prepared for Kanal D, where Zalim İstanbul, which brought Berker Güven to fame, is broadcast. The cast of the TV series Üç Kız Kardeş, adapted from the novel of the same name by writer and actor İclal Aydın, has begun to emerge.

While the names of İclal Aydın and Reha Özcan became clear, it was revealed that an agreement was reached with Berker Güven. The famous actor made a principle agreement to appear on the Kanal D screen again in the new series.

It is eagerly awaited who will portray the three female characters for the series, which is planned to be broadcast at the end of January. Negotiations with the actors continue for the characters named Türkan, Derya and Return.