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5 July 2022 13:10


Big change begins in the series Sadakatsiz, Melis Sezen detonated the first bomb!

Famous actress Melis Sezen plays the character Derin in the TV series “Sadakatsiz”. Adapted in the BBC series Doctor Foster, Sadakatsiz has successfully completed the first season and is now on its way in the second season.

Melis Sezen, who took the lead role in the Kanal D series, which received very good ratings, won an award in the “shining star” category at the Golden Butterfly Awards for her portrayal of Derin character. The famous actress attended the award ceremony in a white and deep-cut outfit.

Stating that she was happy to win an award that she wanted so much, the actress said that she had a different excitement because she achieved this with her character Derin.

Melis Sezen said, “I am very excited, I have been waiting for this night for a long time. I am also very happy to be a shining star. Because it was one of my ideals.”

The actress, who also gave a strong tip about the Sadakatsiz series, was the first to announce that a new era would begin in the story.

Melis Sezen, who plays the lead role with Cansu Dere and Caner Cindoruk, gave the first information about the big change in the TV series Sadakatsiz with the following words:

“Sadakatsiz continues at full throttle. It’s very exciting going on. We’re getting into a completely different rhythm now. That’s why I’m very excited. I am also happy to be here by giving life to Derin.”

Melis Sezen stated that the story will go into a very different rhythm and she is excited about it. For a while, criticisms of the script of the series had risen. In fact, in recent weeks, viewers have shared thousands of messages with criticism of the screenwriters.

While it was evaluated that the story of the series is now towards the point of blockage, Melis Sezen’s statement that the scenario will continue with a different rhythm also increased the curiosity of the audience.

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